Whenever my friends or I wanted to attend a big event such as a wedding, I always felt under a lot of pressure. I needed to get my hair, makeup, nails and numerous other things organised and it always felt like such a burden. This meant travelling to numerous different locations in short time frame and I always felt like half my day was gone.

The reason that we created Concierge was essentially to have the ability to get all of these things done in the comfort of my own home. This would minimise the stress of the day and let me actually enjoy the experience rather than worrying about what I needed to do next.

With experience as a student and teacher at a beauty school, as well as many years of experience in the industry, I have the beauty industry from every perspective. This not only let me understand the inconveniences that a customer can face, but also the struggles of an independent beautician.

Through Concierge we aim to make beauty services more convenient for customers, whilst also providing greater opportunities for independent beauticians to improve their business.